The Western Wall

The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall
Millions visit this historic site every year, Jews and non-Jews.
 We are now part of that number.
We watched. We prayed. We marveled.
 And our hearts hurt.
 These precious people, who love God, remain blind to the resurrected Messiah. I desperately wanted to stand up on the nearest chair and declare for all to hear,
 “He has come! (and you missed it).”
Of course this would have accomplished nothing positive.
 Yet, this stop lays heavy on our hearts and minds.
We didn’t judge them. We didn’t hate them.
We loved them and ached for them.
So we prayed for them.
And we continue to pray for them.
These precious people love God! They love His Word.
But their eyes remain blinded.
Only the power of God will open their eyes.
Not all my clever arguments.
Not ridicule. And NEVER judgment.
My prayers, partnered with your prayers and other prayers around the world–that will open their eyes.
“No one can come to me unless
 the Father who sent me draws them.”
John 6:44
Please join us in praying for the Jews around the world.
God loves each of them, just as he loves us.
So we must love each of them
and from this place of love,
 we can powerfully and effectively pray for them.
What breaks God’s heart should break our hearts.
He wants NO ONE to perish, but all to come to repentance.
2 Peter 3:9
Please share this post asking your family and friends to pray for Jews everywhere, asking God to open their eyes and their hearts to Jesus, their risen Messiah.
Thank you.

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