My Favorites

Are you looking for good Christian fiction? Let me share a few of my favorites with you.

Jewel of PersiaJewel of Persia by Roseanne White puts a fresh spin on the story of Esther. I fell in love with her characters and hated to see them go as the book ended, so like any logical person would do, I read the book again and again and then a few more times. Thanks, to this book I now enjoy a greater understanding of the Jewish people of the Old Testament and their conquerors. Great story, I can’t say enough wonderful things about it.
The ShackThe Shack by Wm. Paul Young tells a tragic story from a bizarre perspective. I have just recently reread this book and while it almost physically hurt at times to continue into the story, the pain I experienced was worth the prize. Fresh insights on truths of who God is and isn’t flow through each page. My book resembles a child’s coloring book, highlighted throughout with notes in the margins.
The Prisoner in the Third CellThe Prisoner in the Third Cell by Gene Edwards digs deeper into the story of John the Baptist. If you have ever questioned the motives or perceived lack of action from God, this short book is for you. This very quick and powerful read deeply affected my relationship with God. Gene Edwards also has other incredible books, but right now, this one is my favorites from this author.
Gods and KingsGods and Kings by Lynn Austin brought the Old Testament to life for me like no other book I’ve ever read. King Hezekiah, the main character of this book, is no longer just a name in a long list of names found in the pages of my Bible. His story, rich and full of God’s hand now is one of my favorites. After reading this book, your time in Isaiah, the Kings, and the Chronicles will never be the same. Also, warning!! This book is the first in a series, so make time to read them all. You won’t want the story to end.
A Voice in the WindA Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers was my first taste of Biblical fiction and boy was it scrumptious! This book is set after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. It tells the tale of a young Jewish Christian girl, Hadassah. Her faith inspired me while it convicted me. Francine Rivers moves a reader right into the ancient city of Rome and weaves an intricate story full of scandal, heartache and love. Another warning: do not start this book unless you have the second book close at hand. You will thank me for that warning, I promise.

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